Best Plants For Bathroom Uk

See 16 of the best bathroom plants to shop online right now along with some helpful care tips. Asparagus fern asparagus densiflorus the spruce leticia almeida.

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The bathroom is the perfect environment for a slew of plants.

Best plants for bathroom uk. Loving steamy humid conditions and able to thrive in low light it is also a great air purifier known for filtering out formaldehyde commonly found in bathroom products. Fill the corner of the bathroom with a fern. Surround yourself with nature while bathing.

Arrowhead is a perfect plant for a low light bathroom if you re ready to grow it in the water. It does well in. Bamboo bambusa spp begonia begonia spp bromeliads various genera cast iron plant aspidistra elatior.

It s up there for the most imaginative way to display bathroom plants if recreating this look just make sure you secure everything safely. The ladder is securely fastened to the ceiling where the plants are suspended in hanging basket style pots. The last thing you want is a plant pot landing on your head and ruining a relaxing soak in.

17 best houseplants for your bathroom. Accent strong bathroom colours with foliage. There are plenty of types of fern to choose.

The mother in law s tongue also known as the snake plant is a great choice for the bathroom. Ferns of all descriptions do well in bathroom areas prop them along the side of your bathtub on the sink or on a plant stand on the floor. These lush green trailing plants also known as the devil s ivy thrives best in direct light and look great.

Create outdoor shower vibes. Cut a stem with few leaves attached to it and transfer that into a vase filled with fresh water. Using strong dark colours such as black slate and navy has been a.

Airy lacy asparagus fern loves the humidity of a bathroom. Pothos plants are able to absorb water easily which makes them ideal for a bathroom.

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