Fruit Flies In Bathroom Trash

It all started late one night after i found about 20 fruit flies flying around the bathroom. The active ingredient of this gel is citrus oil which could act as a natural bug repellent.

5 Tips For Fighting Fruit Flies Pct Pest Control Technology

So always use sealed bags and bins or cans having lids for dumping garbage.

Fruit flies in bathroom trash. Aside from overripe fruit and veggies fruit flies can lay their eggs on cleaning rags and mops and even in empty cans. Fruit fly drain treatment this drain treatment product is what you need if you feel like the source of the fruit flies and gnats are the drains in the kitchen and bathroom. Maintain the same cleanliness and sanitation in the vicinity of your house.

Removing any temptation for the fruit flies to be there is a great way to deter them. Spray the inside outside rim and lid of the trash bin thoroughly with the cleaning solution. Store produce in the refrigerator.

Throw away old fruit and vegetables that attract the flies. Create traps using apple cider vinegar and dish soap. Also spray any flies that you see in and around the trash bin.

Keep your sink drains clean and free of old food and debris. A few days prior i had seen a one or two and i thought maybe it was something in the trash so i took it out and replaced it with a fresh clean bag. Leave out an almost empty bottle of soda or beer to trap them.

There could be a piece of food in the trash or even hidden behind the toilet vanity. Step 4 leave the cleaning solution on the trash bin for about 15 minutes. Fruit flies may also be attracted to any debris in your sink or shower drain.

Make sure the holes are big enough for the fruit flies to get in. Other places that can also serve as breeding grounds for fruit flies are drains sink and old and unused garbage cans. Flies love such a place for breeding and laying eggs.

Clean your drain and garbage disposal. Pour some red wine and dish detergent into a disposable container and stir. Poke small holes in the plastic wrap.

While fruit flies don t bite they can contribute to the spread of disease as they frequent trash bins pet areas and drains in addition to food prep areas. You can be plagued with swarms of fruit flies almost any time of year but their most prolific time of year is late summer to early fall. Fruit flies are attracted to rotting food and other organic matter and that stuff can wind up in your drain when you do dishes says nancy troyano ph d a board certified entomologist and the.

You can pour boiling water into them. The solution also contains natural microbes for efficient cleaning. Cover the container with plastic wrap.

Even if nothing sweet is in the room fruit flies prefer warm moist places like bathrooms.

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