How Do Astronauts Go To The Bathroom In Space

The bags are collected and placed into a special craft that is launched into space. On skylab a hinged contoured seat provided access to the mesh liner into which the astronaut inserted a fecal collection bag.

There Was No Toilet On The Apollo Moon Missions Here S How The Astronauts Went To The Bathroom With Images Apollo 11 Apollo Moon Missions

The toilet was mounted on the wall rather than the floor of the bathroom in the crew quarters area.

How do astronauts go to the bathroom in space. How do astronauts go to the bathroom in space. How the space toilet works on the shuttle urine is handled differently than solid waste so it doesn t go through the 4 inch opening. Iss residents go to the bathroom into a little plate sized hole on top of that silver can using the fan to vacuum suck the excrement away.

How they managed to go is the most common question astronauts are asked says mike mullane a veteran of three space shuttle missions and author of do your ears pop in space and 500 other. Each time someone goes to the bathroom the bag clamps down and seals like a trash compactor. Going to the bathroom becomes even more challenging when astronauts take a walk outside their spacecraft.

Instead a long hose with suction power attaches beside the. Astronauts in spacesuits go to the bathroom in high tech diapers called maximum absorption garments but the international space station use a 19 million dollar toilet that uses suction for pooping in plastic bags and in a hose for urine that s recycled into drinking water to be used by the crew. Solid waste goes into a plastic bag.

After the astronauts are done the faeces gets sealed up. Defecation in space was complicated by the absence of gravity to move waste material away from the body.

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